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A 45-year-old cook loved to drink alcohol when he was young, and quit drinking for more than 10 years, but had lost his appetite and abdominal pain for half a year, but did not go to any doctor. Until recently, his stomach swelled and unable to evacuate and defecate before going to the emergency department of the China Medical University Hsinchu Hospital ...

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Inspection at your own expense COVID-19. People who have travel history and contact history at home quarantine and home isolation, if they have the need to collect new coronavirus at their own expense, they must go to the emergency department for medical evaluation, and relevant application documents must be prepared ...

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In this year's Dragon Boat Festival, the Pharmacy Department specially prepared seven kinds of medicinal materials to make an exclusive sachet with a fragrant smell, which has the effect of preventing mosquitoes and insects. People who visit the clinic can participate ...

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